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Porter McCartney
After receiving so many requests for pictures of Porter, this Web page has been created for you!
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Back in early February 2003 I was called by the OSPCA in Barrie Ontario to view a dog. According to the veterinarians and the OSPCA at that time, the male dog was said to be a Newfoundland Mix approximately 1.5 years old. Unfortunately the dog was abused twice by two different owners. When the OSPCA searched the records he was found to be at the OSPCA in Newmarket the year prior. The dog lived on his own in the wild for sometime where he caught a bad case of Mange. He was found by the Ontario Provincial Police on HWY 400 between HWY 88 and HWY 89.

Over that period the dog had two other human names that really did not suit him. They were also the names of my neighbours. In my opinion he acted like a Porter. At first, Porter would always greet me at the door with one of my socks or t-shirts from the hamper. Porter now greets me with one of his own toys.

When I was first introduced to Porter he had no hair on parts of his body. He was malnourished, thin, dirty, and a little wild. I’m happy to report that Porter is in very good health. He now has a quiet disposition. I found him very easy to train and has become a great companion.

Porter has come full circle. For a number of years Porter has been a registered volunteer with SJA. He is a working Therapy Dog. Porter visits schools, seniors homes, libraries, home shows, OSPCA Summer Camps, and more.

I will try to keep this page updated. If you are looking for a pet, I have added a few links at the top of the page.

Thank you for viewing Porter’s Web site. If you have any questions you may contact us at porter@mccartney.me
On January 21, 2014 at approximately 6:40pm Porter was euthanized. Porter’s veterinarian stated he had Cancer. Porter’s liver was 3 times the normal size squeezing his stomach. His blood work was very poor. He was getting weaker by the hour. The picture above on the right was taken the day before he was euthanized after shovelling our neighbours driveway.  You would not think anything was wrong. What a guy.

Porter touched the lives and hearts of many within York Region and beyond.

l miss my boy.

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