Bro McCartney - Everybody's Friend

Bro McCartney
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Bro at four months
Bro is a black haired male dog born July 26th, 2014. His parents are both short haired black Labrador Retrievers. All Bro's brothers and sisters were also black short haired black Labs. Another gene came out in Bro. He seemed larger with longer black hair. At the time this bio was written Bro just turned seven months and is a very strong 65lbs plus dog with wavy black hair. Bro had very short hair on his tail that only stood up when he needed to do his business. After about five to six months longer wavy hair just stared to grow. His tail now curls up in the back. Bro is now getting leg feathers too.

Bro is smart guy but his attention wanders at anything that moves. He feels everyone is his friend and would like to play with them.

At first Bro would bark at most everything until he understood what it was. He barks less seldom now.

He is learning daily.

For example, I did not like him getting so exited for his food. He would be all over you well it was being prepared. Bro has been taught to lay down and wait until a command is given to start eating.

For more pictures of Bro, please view his slideshow.

Commands thus far

Hi Five

Knows different words pertaining to food and toys. 

Bro's Parents
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